Game Theory - The Last Day That Were Young tab

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Date: Tue, 20 Jun 1995 08:57:56 -0400 (EDT)
From: pudman 
Subject: tab: Game Theory, "Last Day That We're Young"

Here's another tab for the Game Theory archive.  I'll send two more
later today.

        by Game Theory, from "Lolita Nation"

A7 C F F/E D  A7 C F F/E

D A7 C F F/EE |-10-9-10-9-10-9-10/-|-------------------------|------------------|B |--------------------|-------------------------|------------------|G |--------------------|-------------------5-4---|-----5-----5-5----|D |--------------------|-2-2-5-2-------5-------5-|-3-3---3\2--------|A |--------------------|-0-0-----5-3-3---3-------|------------------|E |--------------------|-------------------------|------------------|
DE |------------------|B |------------------|G |-2-2-5-5-2-x-2----|D |-0-0-0-0-0-x-0----|A |------------------|E |------------------|
One guitar plays this for a few times, then the second guitar plays: A7 C F F/E DE |-------------------------|------------------|------------------|B |-------------------1-----|-------2-------2--|------------------|G |-2-2-2-0---------0---0---|-----0-------0----|-2-2-5-5-2-x-2----|D |-0h2-2---2-----2-------2-|-2h3-----3r2------|-0-0-0-0-0-x-0----|A |-----------0-3-----------|------------------|------------------|E |-------------------------|------------------|------------------|
Dsus2 D C G F E Adds up a shame to leave it all so unresolved D C G F E Shakes all the sheathing loose from the wire D C G F C D D7 Time's going to be a luxury now in the responsibility empire D C G F E Give me some false hope I can take seriously D C G F E Set me some roadblocks I can't break through D C G F And watch what I'll risk to get what I want C D I think too much, I always do CHORUS: (play tab from above) A7 C F F/E D No changing your side, no thinking it's time to start things over A7 C F F/E D No favors denied, no not on the last day that we're young Hang up the faces, Lon Chaney your day's done Each one is one less chance you can win No one can get behind what they all say And so you lose before you begin D C# C B E A G D C# C What was it we were always wanting? B A F# F# E D# Didn't we know we had it all? Show me some some tear-eyed beauty that disappears Every time I might happen along Opalesque, eye-lined, owing the day When it comes I'll have been proven wrong CHORUS What was it we were always wanting? Didn't we know we had it all? Tab by the Pudman (
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