Gamits – And You For Me tab

				=The Gamits=
			       And You For Me

Tab by: Tim;
My guitar is tuned down half a step so if you want this to sound
like it does on the cd them play each chord/note one fret higher
than it says on this tab to compensate.  The solo is just my
own crap rendition so you can play whay you like there.

F                 G  G#
I was standing up on my
own two feet when I
walked down to
meet you at your house.
F              G  G#
I'd had enough of that
same old scene.
I'd been wandering around with
everyone but you.

Dm   A  D A#          C                 F
I'll be O K  when you want to play your games
Dm   A    D  A#             C                 F
I'll feel no shame when you say that I'm your slave.
Dm A     D    A             C               F            D
I  won't feel pain when you tell me I'm the only one for you.
A#  C       F
And you for me.

======== =VERSE2= ======== F A Now it's after dark, down with Val and Steve. A#m F I've done everything I can to keep my cool. F A One more pass at Val and I'm on my way back to you A#m and me and ordinary lives. ======== =CHORUS= ========
E|--6-6-6-6/5--------------------------------------------------------------|B|--6-6-6-6/5---------------------------6-6-6-6-6-6-5-5-5-5-5-5/slide down-|G|------------7-5--5-5-5/3----5-5-3-----6-6-6-6-6-6-5-5-5-5-5-5/slide down-|D|--------------------------7-7--------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
======== =VERSE3= ======== F A Damn this Wednesday night, 'twas the to worst date. A#m F I wish I could said it's sad to see you go. ======== =CHORUS= w/ slight variation which you can make up yourself ========
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