Gamma Ray - A While In Dreamland tab

interpret: G A M M A   R A Y
title:     A While In Dreamland (Silent Miracle)

Transcribed by: Zuzana Kordosova
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NOTE: If you have a partner you can use a simple fingering and it will sound
quite nice.
      Look for it below this one.

F F C     F     F       C       Bb
1. I dont mind, I dont mind at all.
   F C     Dm              Bb
   I dont mind to dream a while
   Bb      C       F
   I dont mind at all.

Dm      C              F
2. Every night Im only waiting
Gm                          C
   for the bird of dreams in me.
   Dm              C         F
   Take me on your wings and guide me
Eb(D#)              Bb          C
   just take me on a journey far away.

   F               C           F
3. I dont mind to fly away to dreamland
   F                C             Bb
   the easy way out of a world so cold.
   F               C              Dm        Bb          C     F
   I dont mind to say goodbye to all I see around only for a while.

   (same as "2")
4. Out in the dreamworld theres a fortune
   its only waiting to be found.
   I gaze around and I think this must be magic
   cause theres no lilmits all around.

   (same as "3")
5. I dont mind to stay a while in dreamland
   so come on now and take me up with you.
   If together we would fly for all eternity I would not refuse.

Eb                         Bb
6. I had it all, I wouldnt mind my friend
Eb                           Bb
   to say goodbye Im feeling free.
Db(C#)                        Ab(G#)
   To stay or leave is just an easy case
Bb                B              C
   your wings will always comfort me.

   (same as "3")
7. I dont mind to stay a while in dreamland
   a place to leave my sorrows far behind.
   Together we will fly through Heaven and through Hell
   to no mans land, no mans world.

  (Kai whistles) F  C  F
                 F  C  Bb

      F             C       Dm        Bb
8. Together we will fly for all eternity
   Bb   C       F
   only you and me
   Bb   C       Dm
   only you and me
          Bb         C           F
   on our way to our land of the free.


interpret: G A M M A   R A Y
title:     A While In Dreamland (fingering)

NOTE: The lyrics are not written fully for I wanted to show the timing.

*** = faster

1. F(strum) F C F *** C BbE-1---------1-------0-------1---------1-----1-------0-------1-------1-----B-1-----------1-------1-------1--------1------1-------1-------3-------3---G-2-------------2-------0-------2-------2-------2-------0-------3-------3-
D-3---------------------------------3-------------------------------------A-3---------------3-------------------------------3-------1-------1-------E-1-------1---------------1-------1-------1------------------------------- I dont mind. I dont mind at all.
F C Dm Bb C F ***E---1-------0-------1-------1-------1-------0-------1---------1-----------B-----1-------1-------3-------3-------3-------1-------1--------1----------G-------2-------0-------2-------3-------3-------0-------2-------2---------D-----------------0-----------------------------------------3-------------A---------3---------------1-------1-------3-------------------------------E-1-----------------------------------------------1-------1--------------- I dont mind....while. I dont mind at all.
2. Dm C F *** Gm CE---1-------0-------1---------1-----3-------3-------0-------0-------------B-----3-------1-------1--------1------3-------3-------1-------1-----------G-------2-------0-------2-------2-------3-------3-------0-------0---------D-0-------------------------3---------------------------------------------A---------3---------------------------------------3-------3---------------E-----------------1-------1-------3-------3------------------------------- Every night...waiting for the me.
Dm C F Eb(D#) Bb C ***E---1-------0-------1-------1-------3-------1-------3---------3-----------B-----3-------1-------1-------1-------4-------3-------5--------5----------G-------2-------0-------2-------2-------3-------3-------5-------5---------
D-0---------------------------------------------------------5-------------A---------3-----------------------6-------1-------3-------3---------------E-----------------1-------1----------------------------------------------- me, just take....journey.away.
Did you get the idea? The rest will be the same. Kai whistles this melody: E-5---8-------5-------5---8--8---6p5h6------ B---------8-------6------------------------- G------------------------------------------- D------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------- It also sounds beautiful with the flute but I dont know how to write notation for it.
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