Gang Of Four – Not Great Men tab

Song Title-Not Great Men
Artist-Gang of Four

Intro Riff
Play the Funky chords in a choppy/staccato manner while the bass drum plays.
E|-----------------------|B|--2-4-2----------------|G|--2-4-2------9979------|D|--2-4-2----------------| A|-----------------------| X4E|-----------------------|The bass plays open E in between the repetitions
Continuing Intro/Chorus Riff
E|----------------------------|B|----------------------------|G|---99p7h9p7h9p7h9p7h9p7h99--| Just repeat this in the chorusD|----------------------------|A|----------------------------|E|----------------------------|
He also occasionally ends this riff with a little fill. Here it is:
Verse RiffsContinously Through VerseGuitar 1E|--------|B|--------|G|--------| * You can also play this with a Tremelo ArmD|--------|A|---x----|E|---x-12/|
Guitar 2E|---7-| E|---12-|B|---8-| B|---12-|G|---7-| or G|---12-|D|-----| D|------|A|-----| A|------|E|-----| E|------|The above chords are also played continously while the singer repeats "its not made for men".
Pre-ChorusE-------|B-------|G---6-7-|D---6-7-| This is played once before the chorus/intro riffA-------|E-------|
There and thats Not Great Men by Gang of Four. A little slice of Post-Punk/Funk
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