Gang Of Youths – Persevere chords

[Verse 1]
C G G7 Am FI never got to kiss your head, ah, Emme
C G FAnd the call came the week I got divorced
C G Am FI thought I had a real understanding then of loss
C G FBut I didn't know a thing 'til you were gone
C G Am FAnd I'm tired of trying to find some sort of meaningful thing
C G FIn making sense of such unspeakable loss
C G Am FBut as I'm staring at your folks, the sweetest people I know
C G FI get a glimpse of what it is to be strong
C G FJust holding hands and sobbing with sunglasses on
F C F C'Cause nothing tuned me in to absurdity as fast
F C Am GAs a gravestone with the name of a baby that has passed
F C Am GI used to wanna be important, now I just wanna be alive
F GAnd without fear
You got to persevere [Instrumental] C G G7 Am F
C G F(x2)
[Verse 2]
C G G7 Am FI couldn't count the times I've ragged on heaven
C G FAs an opiate invented by the weak
C G F CIt's an argument I hate 'cause I'm content to love the fates
C G FBut it comes up a lot with Emme's dad and me
C G Am FSo I'm shotgun in the car and we're just shooting the shit
C G FAnd predictably, the talking turns to God
C G Am FSo I throw him forty lines how I don't think he exists
C G FAnd he just smiles and takes a dignified pause
C G FSays, "It's okay to feel unbelievably lost"
F C F CBut God is full of grace and his faithfulness is vast
F C Am GThere is safety in the moments when the shit has hit the fan
F C Am GNot some vindictive motherfucker, nor is he shitty at his job
F GWhat words to hear
And I'm a mess by now
F C F C'Cause nothing tuned me in to my failure as fast
F C Am GAs grieving for a friend with more belief than I possessed
F C Am"It's not some disembodied heaven," he assured me
G F GThen he laughs and says through tears
F C Am G"You got to persevere"
F C Am GPersevere
F C Am GPersevere
F C Am GPersevere
[Instrumental break] F C Am G [Solo] (played over top of break and outro)
e|-3-5-------------------|B|-----5-3-5---3---------|G|-----------5---4-2-0---| x8D|-----------------------|A|-----------------------|E|-----------------------|
F C Am GWe threw a party up in here, but God, it was bittersweet
F C Am GI live hard 'cause I am scared that I won't mean anything
F C Am GSo now I'm praying to the ceiling, to the windows, to the walls
F C Am GAgainst this sudden sinking feeling that there's nothing there at all
And still we just persevere [Outro]
F C Am G (repeat to fade)
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