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Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 06:48:58 -0500
Subject: Mike Gangi - Randomality

This song makes no sense, but Gangi wrote it, so here goes nothing...

Chord Sequence throughout the entire song : C-Am-F-G


Toothpaste tastes better with chili dogs and girls
Siberian yaks dance with several jerri curls
Books about pencils and kites are the best
Eastern Wales donkeys pass every AIDS test

The opposite of normality.
Full of originality.

As a very old man would scream in the rain,
"Good ass plays a bad role when there's pain!"
Q-tips get dirty in a pool full of Cheetos
Balkie Bartokamous was from the island of Mepos.


Gonzo's nose kind of resembles a limp dick.
Raise your hand if you thought my last line was sick!
Jabba the Hut just  joined the Bulgarian mob,
Just because I play darts with Yoda at my job!


They should have made Mork and Mindy Underoos.
Cigarette butts clash with red when worn by kangaroos.
Gilbert Godfrey plays with candles in the shower.
I wish people could spit off of the Eiffel Tower.


(REPEAT CHORUS as many times as possible, in a different voice every time!
Must make people laugh!!!)
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