Garbage - Special tab version 2

Artist: Garbage
Written and recorded by Garbage
Tabbed here by Jon Dailey ( Dec 2010

I still love this song so I decided to tab it YEARS after it was a hit.
I've seen fairly accurate versions that are tuned down a half step, but
my version uses standard tuning and a capo.


All tab and chords are relative to the capo, otherwise you are in the wrong key!


Full Version:e--0---------0---------0---------------------------------------------------------0--|B------------------------------3--------3--------3------2--------2---------------2--|G-----0--2-------0--2------0------0--2-----0--2-----0---------2--------2--4--2---2--|D--2---------2---------2-------0--------0--------0---------2--------2------------2--|A-------------------------------------------------------4--------4---------------0--|E-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Simplified Version:e--0--------0---------0----------------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------3---------3--------3-----2--------2------------------|G-----0--2------0--2-----0------0--2-----0--2-----0--------2--------2--4--2---2--|D-------------------------------------------------------2--------2------------2--|A--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse D Bmin I (I - I - I - I'm) Living without you D Bmin I (I - I - I - I) Know all about you Em A I have run you down into the ground Em A Spread disease about you over town D Bmin I (I - I - I - I) Used to adore you D Bmin I (I - I - I - I) Couldn't control you Em A There was nothin' that I wouldn't do Em A To keep myself around and close to you Do you have Chorus Em/G A an opinion a mind of your own I thought you were Em/G A special I thought you should know But I've run out of Em G A/C# A patience I couldn't care less
Guitar part during choruse-----------2--0----------2--0---------0---2--0------0---2--0---|b-------0-------------0--------------0-------------0------------|g-----0-------------0--------------2-------------2--------------|d---2-------------2---------------------------------------------| 2xa---------------------------------------------------------------|e---------------------------------------------------------------|
During the last line beginning with the word "patience" listen closely and you can hear the intro being played again. The following break uses D and Bmin, but the band cuts out during the D and it is vocals only (great vocal harmony overdubs here btw.) Chorus The next verse is different, the first part has only this guitar part:
Then the remainder of the verse as before with Em and A Final Chorus and outro
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