Garbage - Supervixen tab version 2

Band: Garbage
Song Title: Supervixen
Tuning: Eb Bb Gb Db Ab Eb

***I have this song listed as tuned to Eb to be honest its not tuned to E or to Eb 
it is somewhere in the
middle of the two. On my tuner I just tuned to half way between E and Eb and it 
seemed ok and I was able
to play this song with the cd***

Chords Used For This Song

A5 B5 C#5 D5 E5 F5 F#5 G5 Am A B C E F GEb|-----------------------------------|---0---5---7---0---0---1---3---|Bb|---2---4---6---7-------------------|---1---5---7---1---0---1---3---|Gb|---2---4---6---7-------------------|---2---6---8---0---1---2---4---|Db|---0---2---4---5---2---3---4---5---|---2---7---9---2---2---3---5---|Ab|-------------------2---3---4---5---|---0---7---9---3---2---3---5---|Eb|-------------------0---1---2---3---|-------5---7-------0---1---3---|
Intro: Guitar I: Plays Chords Guitar II: Plays Lead Guitar I: [F#5] [C#5] [E5] [B5] [F#5] [C#5] [E5] (Play X2)
Guitar II:*: Pitch HarmonicEb|-----------------------|-----------------|--------------------------|Bb|-----------------------|-----------------|--------------------------|Gb|-----------------------|-----------------|--------------------------|Db|---6-b-7-6-4-8-b-9-8-6-|-7-6-4-8-b-9-8-6-|-6-b-7-6-4-8-b-9-8-6-7*---|Ab|-----------------------|-----------------|--------------------------|Eb|-----------------------|-----------------|--------------------------|
Verse I: Guitar I: Plays Chords [Am]Come down [C]to my [G]house Stick a [C]stone in your [Am]mouth [C] [F] [G] [Am]You can [C]always pull [G]out If you [C]like it too [Am]much [C] [F] [G] Chorus I: Guitar I: Plays Chords [B]Make a whole new [A]religion [E] [G] [B]A falling [A]star that you [E]cannot live [G]without [B]And I'll [A]feed your [E]obsession [G] [B]There'll be [A]nothing but this [E]thing that [G]you'll never doubt Verse II: Guitar I: Plays Chords Guitar II: Plays Fills
Guitar II FillEb|------------------------|------------------------|Bb|-------13------12-------|-12------12----13-------|Gb|---14------14-----------|-----14------------14---|Db|---------------------14-|------------------------|Ab|------------------------|------------------------|Eb|------------------------|------------------------|
[Am]A hit is [C]hard to resist [G]And I [C]never miss [Am] [C] [F] [G] [Am]I can [C]take you out [G]With just a [C]flick of my wrist [Guitar Fill A] [Am] [C] [F] [G] Chorus II: Guitar I: Plays Chords [B]Make a whole new [A]religion [E] [G] [B]A falling [A]star that you [E]cannot live [G]without [B]And I'll [A]feed your [E]obsession [G] [B]There'll be [A]nothing but this [E]thing that you'll never doubt [G]This thing you'll never doubt Interlude: Play Intro Again Guitar Solo: [A5] [G5] [D5] [F5] [A5] [G5] [D5] [F5] [A5] [G5] [D5] [F5] [A5] [G5] [D5] [C5] Chorus III: Guitar I: Plays Chords [B]And I'll [A]feed your [E]obsession [G] [B]The falling [A]star that you [E]cannot live [G]without [B]I will [A]be your [E]religion[G] [B]This thing you'll [A]never doubt [E]You're not the only one [G]You're not the only one Play Intro Twice Outro: Guitar I: Plays Chords Guitar II: Plays Intro Riff [F#5]Bow [C#5]down to me[E5] [B5] [F#5]Bow [C#5]down to me[E5] [F#5]Bow [C#5]down to me[E5] [B5] [F#5]Bow [C#5]down to me[E5] [F#5]Bow [C#5]down to me[E5] [B5] [F#5]Bow [C#5]down to me[E5] [F#5]Bow [C#5]down to me[E5]
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