Garbage - Nobody Can Win tab

Band: Garbage
Song Title: Nobody Can Win
Tuning: Normal

Chords used for this song.

A A/2 B Cmin7 E E5 Emaj7E|-----------------1-----0-----------0-----0-----|B|-----2-----------3-----0-----------0-----0-----|G|-----2-----2-----3-----6-----1-----9-----8-----|D|-----2-----2-----3-----6-----2-----9-----9-----|A|-----------------1-----4-----2-----7-----7-----|E|-----------------------------------------------|
This should be a little better lots of open strings should give your fingers a good work if you are a beginner. Listen to the song to get the rythmn of the song. Intro: E5 E maj7 C#min7 A/2 Verse: E5 E maj7 C#min7 A/2 Chorus: A B E5 E maj7 Chours: A B E5 E maj7 This is the part with the tubular bells.
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