Garry Mulgrew – I Will Offer My Life tab

Romans 12:1-2
Song:  I Will Offer My Life 
Artist:  Garry Mulgrew 
Album:  Who Will Ascend 
CCLI Song #:  3507533 
Written By:  Garry Mulgrew 
Copyright:  © 2002 Poured Out Music 
Tabbed By:  Garry Mulgrew  

Verse 1
G2       C2   Em7      D      C2
Jesus, Jesus, Holy    is Your name
G2      C2       Em7           D     C2
Master, Saviour, You're worthy to be praised

                D         Em7    C2
I will offer my life as a living sacrifice
G2     D         C2
Holy acceptable to You
               D           Em7            C2
I will not bow down to the things of this world
       G2     D           C2
Let me be transformed by You

Em    c               Em               C2
To be transformed by you, I want to be transformed by you (Repeat Out-tro)

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