Garry Mulgrew – Our Father In Heaven tab

Song:  Our Father In Heaven 
Artist:  Garry Mulgrew 
Album:  Who Will Ascend 
CCLI Song #:  4178253 
Written By:  Garry Mulgrew 
Copyright:  © 2008 Poured Out Music 
Tabbed By:  Garry Mulgrew  

Capo2 key of A
Matthew 6:9

G2         Dsus      Em7          C2
Our Father in heaven Holy is Your name 
G2           Dsus         Em7         C2
Your kingdom will come on earth as in heaven

G2      Dsus            Em7
Give us today our daily bread
Forgive us of our sins

G2          Dsus
Lead us not into temptation
Em7                      C2
Deliver us from the evil one

Dsus          C2        Dsus          C2
For it’s Your kingdom   and it’s Your power
Dsus         C2     Dsus       C2     G2 Dsus C2 Dsus
All for Your glory forever and ever – amen  (Out-ro- end repeating)

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