Garry Mulgrew - All Things Beautiful chords

Capo 2 A
                   YOUR ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL
G2You’re the reason for the day
C2You’re the friend who will stay
Em7 Dsus C2You’re the life and You are the way
G2You’re the greatest sacrifice
C2As You offered up Your life
Em7 Dsus C2Setting us free now we see
G2You make all things beautiful
C2Cause You’re oh so wonderful
Em7 Dsus C2You make everything complete in our lives
G2You can heal the broken heart
C2You’re the lover from the start
Em7 Dsus C2You’re the answer to every mystery X2
G2You’re all things beautiful (end) © Poured Out Music 2008 CCLI # 5199080
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