Garth Brooks - Night Will Only Know chords

DmThat night will live forever
DmTheir first time to lie together
A DmThey were finally where desire dared them to go
DmBoth belonging to another
DmBut longing to be lovers
A DmPromising each other that the night will only know
Parked on some old backstreet They laid down in the back seat And fell into the fire down below But they would pay for their deceiving For a deadly web was weaving Why they'd picked that spot that evening Lord, the night will only know
FWell within the innuendos
DmJust outside the steamy windows
F AThe night was shattered by a woman's scream
DmMotionless and frightened
DmThe grip of fate had tightened
A Dm A Dm AAnd with trembling hands they wiped away the steam
They saw a woman pleading Stumbling, begging and retreating Until she became the victim of her foe And they watched her fall in silence To save their own alliance But the reason for the violence Just the night wil only know
FAnd every paper ran the story
DmShe was stripped of all her glory
F AAnd they told exactly how the woman died
DmAbandoned and forsaken
DmToo many pills were taken
A Dm A Dm AAnd they ruled the woman's death as suicide
Bound by their behavior They could have been her savior Now guilt becomes the endless debt they owe But another crime was committed And it's never been admitted Have the guilty been acquitted Lord, the night will only know
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