Wolves chords with lyrics by Garth Brooks - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Garth Brooks – Wolves chords

TITEL: Wolves
INTERPRET: Garth Brooks
TEMPO: slow

D D/F# G Asus4 A 2x[1.]
D D/F# G Asus4 A D D/F# G Asus4 AJanuary's always bitter But Lord this one beats all
D D/F# G A Asus4 A/EThe wind ain't quit for weeks now And the drifts are ten feet tall
G A Dsus4 D Gm Gm/A GmI been all night drivin' heifers Closer in to lower ground
D A7 D D/F# GThen I spent the mornin' thinkin' 'Bout the ones the wolves pulled down
[2.] Charlie Barton and his family Stopped today to say goodbye He said the bank was takin' over The last few years were just too dry And I promised that I'd 'mazing When they found a place in town Then I spent a long time thinkin' 'Bout the ones the wolves pull down [REFR:]
G A D G Em A D D7Lord please shine a light of hope On those of us who fall behind
G A D G em D/F# Asus4 AAnd when we stumble in the snow Could you help us up while there's still time
D D/F# G Asus4 A D D/F# Asus4 AWell I don't mean to be complainin' Lord You've always seen me through
D D/F# G A Asus4 A/EAnd I know you got your reasons For each and every thing you do
G A Hm Gm Gm/A GmBut tonight outside my window There's a lonesome mournful sound
D A7 D GAnd I just can't keep from thinkin' 'Bout the ones the wolves pull down
D A D D/F# Asus4 A DOh Lord keep me from bein' The one wolves pull down
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