Gary Allan – Watching Airplane tab


F# B1/B B B/Bsus Sittin' out here on the hood of this truck, lookin up F# B1/B B B/Bsus with a car-a-mel colored sun-set sky F# B1/B B B/Bsus Checkin my watch, doin the math in my head, - countin back words to F# B1/B B B/Bsus When you said, goodbuy F# E well those runway light are geting brighter Chorus: B Bsus I'm just settin out here watchin airplains B Bsus Take off, and fly B Bsus Try'n figure out witch one you might be on F# E and why---- you dont love me anymore B F# E Yea, I'm just settin out here watch'n airplains Verse 2: well I F# B Wouldn't lie, could've cried, should've tried harder F# B or done anything to make you stay F# B I wondered what you'd do if you looked out your window F# B And saw me runnin down the runway, Just like I was crazy, F# E But that fence is too high, so I- Repeat Chorus: Verse 3: B F# E Right now I know you're thirty-thousand feet above me F# E F# E But a million miles away, a million miles away B F# E right now I know I'd act like you don't love me Repeat Chorus:
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