Gary Allan – Good As New chords

Gary Allan, "Good As New"

Eb  Bb  Ab  Bb

Eb BbI had a broken watch on a broken chain
Ab BbI had a roof that leaked every time it rained
Eb Bb I had an old guitar that wouldn't stay in tune
Ab BbBut now it sounds just fine since I've met you
Eb Bb Ab BbI'm good as new
Eb BbI had some crazy thoughts runnin' through my brain
Ab BbWonderin' if my life was goin' down the drain
Eb BbI had a broken heart, broken right in two
Ab BbBut now it's in one piece since I've met you
EbI'm good as new
Bb Ab Eb You Made my life... like a lullaby
Bb Ab EbYou put the spark... back into my eyes
Cm Ab You put the shine in the shining sea
Fm BbAnd you hung the moon where it should be
Eb BbNow my old yard is looking nice and green
Ab BbAnd my old car, well, it's a clean machine
F CEven my old dog, she can feel it too
Bb C It's not the same old thing since I've met you
F CI'm good as new
Bb CSince I've met you
F C Well, I'm good as new
Bb C Since I've met you
F C Bb C, F C Bb C, F C Bb C... (fade) I'm good as new
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