Gary Allan – Drop chords ver. 2

Drop - Gary Allan - Intro.:  (Bm   A   G   F#) X4

Verse Chords: Bm   A   G   F# 

Drop, raindrop fallin' from the sky like magic can ya feel it in the air.
Drop, you oughta drop on by 'cause it's warm inside and there's a storm out there.

I'll drop, another log under the fire, get the flame a little higher 'Till it feels just right.
And I'll drop, a blanket on the floor there's some wine I'm gonna pour,
And pull the shades down tight.

G A Bm A GAin't nowhere you need to be, then wrapped up here with me.
A Bm A GI'll turn the lights down, way down low, You let that dress drop nice and slow.
A Bm A GGirl, I (you) know it's true, you know just what to do,
F#To make me drop everything for you.
Drop, your hair down on your shoulders Get a little closer 'cause it's that kinda day. I'll drop, drop the needle on the record The one that makes ya wanna love the night away. (Chorus) (Instrumental) ? (Chorus) Come on drop, drop everything for you. You make me wanna drop, drop, drop, drop, drop. Yeah, drop everything for you. Drop, drop, drop, drop, drop.
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