Gary Jules – No Poetry tab

This is one of my favourite songs, and I can't find it tabbed out anywhere. Maybe this 
spur a proper version being posted... this is a pretty rough version.  I figured it out a 
ago while dicking around in DADGAD. It can be played (and sounds better to me) in Drop D.

Drop D - Capo 3rd Fret - Fret #s relative to the Capo

Here's the intro riff... try to work on the finger picking pattern. Use your thumb for 
bass notes and the next 3 fingers for the F, B# and C strings respectively.

F ----------------------------------- |C ---------3-------3--------3-------3 |B#-----0-------2--------2-------0---- |F ---4-------4--------4-------4------ |C ----------------------------------- |F -0------0-------0---------0------0--|
This is basically repeated throughout the song. You have to eliminate the first bass each time you repeat the bar. The bass notes change.. listen to the song to figure out when.
F ----------------------------------- |C ---------3-------3--------3-------3 |B#-----0-------2--------2-------0---- |F ---4-------4--------4-------4------ |C -2-----2------2---------2-------2-- |F ------------------------------------|
F ----------------------------------- |C ---------3-------3--------3-------3 |B#-----0-------2--------2-------0---- |F ---4-------4--------4-------4------ |C ----------------------------------- |F -2-----2-------2---------2------2-- |
F ----------------------------------- |C ---------3-------3--------3-------3 |B#-----0-------2--------2-------0---- |F ---4-------4--------4-------4------ |C ----------------------------------- |F -0-----0-------0---------0------0-- |
Listen to the song to figure out the extra fill between bass note changes... none of the are any different. This is my first tab creation, long time moocher first time poster. I'm not good enough tab this out properly but it should be pretty intuitive once you have the finger picking down. Also, if anyone can figure out the chorus from this that would be a huge bonus.. the bass notes are all pretty easy to determine... but i can't figure out the rest. mike menary
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