Gary Numan - Me I Disconnect From You From You chords

transcribed by BasicJ <>

This is an easy one for guitar.  The intro is D, then G and F alternate
thru the rest of the song, then back to D for the outro.

(Intro:) D

(Keyboard:) D F E C D E F C  (played 8 times)

(Keyboard:) E F E F E C  (played 4 times)

Fthe alarm rang for days
Gyou could tell from conversations
Fi was waiting by the screen
Gi couldn't recognise my photograph
F me, i disconnect from you
(Keyboard:) F E D C D i was walking up the stairs something moved in silence i could feel his mind decaying only inches away from me and i disconnect from you (Keyboard:) F E D C D, C D C (repeat once) F E D C D please don't turn me off i don't know what i'm doing outside me and the telephone that never rings if you were me what would you do me, i disconnect from you (Outro:) D (Keyboard:) D F E C D E F E (played 16 times)
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