Gary Stewart – Little Junior chords

Left handed
EWell, daddy wore a Stetson and a hundred dollar suit
Developed a cravin' for the black man's blues At five card stud, he knew his way around the tables Lay it down boys, I'm takin' it home to the baby
A ELittle Junior, The gypsy child
B7 A EOnly goin' through once and I'm going, through in style
EYeah like my daddy, I've been around too, And as far as cravins I've got, quiet a few
Long legged women, diamonds and cars, Old aged whiskey and all night bars The boggie woggie and a real good smoke, Sittin' on ready on a another toke I like my lovin' when Lou - Lou's in town, And you can bet your dollar she's comin' around Repeat Chorus: Lead Ride: E - E - E - E - A - E - B - A - E
ERaised without a mother, So I'm a mother myself, I've been known to raise some hell
I ain't allowed on the other side of town, Strange things happen, they say when I'm around Awe, mommas and papas you better be on guard, And keep you little girl in the yard I end up jail every Saturday night, But I'm out on bail before the booking sheets dry Repeat Chorus: Outro: E - E - E - E - A - E - B - A - E
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