Gary Us Bonds - Not Me chords

Not Me:Gary (US) Bonds.
Recorded in 1960, but didn't chart.
(It's still a great song.)

              (Capo 1st fret.)

ya-da-da-da-da-dat-dat-dat-dat-dat.. #1.
CWell, I'm down in California where the orange trees grow.
(Oh, California.) And there's a pretty little girl here I used to know (Oh, California.)
FWell, she called me up today about a quarter to one..
(Oh, California.)
CShe said, come on over daddy, let's have some fun.
(Oh, California.)
G7 FI said, I heard about your husband is he back from the gym?
G7 FShe said, come on over daddy, don't you worry 'bout him.
CNot me..(I like livin'.)
CWell, I'm down in Alabama where they say you-all.
(Oh, Alabama.) Where they dance all around until they havin' a ball. (Oh, Alabama.)
FOh, I saw 'em start millin', they were gatherin' around..
(Oh, Alabama.)
CThey looked at me, and called me Cathy's Clown.
(Oh, Alabama.)
G7 FI said, hillbilly, but, you didn't call me right.
G7 FThey said, what you tryin to do, boy, start a little fight?
CNot me..(I ain't no boxer.)
CWell, I'm back in Virginia, back in my home town..
(Oh, Virginia.) where I got a reputation for miles around. (Oh, Virginia.)
FYeah, and never no more will I ever roam.
(Oh, Virginia.)
CYou know I'm stickin' right here to my happy home.
(Oh, Virginia.)
G7 FWell, a fella walked up to me, he said, let's take a trip.
G7 FI say, you better shut-up before I bust you in your lip.
CNot me..
CI ain't about to go nowhere.
You know, you can get hurt out there on that road! I'm tellin' you.. A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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