Gary Valenciano - In Another Lifetime chords version 1

Title: In Another Lifetime
Intro: E-B (2x)
E B I Could hold on for a hundred years
E When all else is gone
BI would still be here
G#m /F# in a memory of things yet unseen
C#/F D#/GI'd remember all that we've never been
B/D# E And I cannot wait to see
C#m F# What life has in store for me
EIn another lifetime
D#m G#mIt would be forever
C#mIn another world
F# B B/D#Where you and I could be together
EIn another set of chances
B/F#I'd take the one's I'd missed
Gdim G#mAnd make you mine
F# E D#mIf only for a time
G#m C#m F#My life would matter
E - BIn another life
EAnd I'd stay as strong
B And I'd stay as true
E And you'd have forever now to
BThink it through
G#m /F# Cause I do believe what wasn't meant to be
C#/FWasn’t meant for now
D#/GAnd someday you'll see
B/D# E In a place and time we never know
C#m F#I'd be standing there waiting for you
(Repeat Chorus except last line) Bridge:
EmIn another life
A/G F#mYou would be mine
Bm Em But until that time is now
F#m GM FI'd be holding on somehow
Chorus 2:
Em AmIn another lifetime
DmIn another world
G C C/EWhere you and I could be together
FIn another set of chances
C/GI'd take the one's I'd missed
E/G# Am And make you mine
G F EmIf only for a time
Am Dm G E/G#My life would matter
AmBut until that time
G FI'll be holding onto forever
Dm G F C F CUntil another life . . .
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