Gary Valenciano - Letting Go chords

By: Gray V
Chords by: Jimmy Gabriel Payumo

verse 1:

D AI used to feel the emptiness inside me
D I was not supposed to feel that way
F#mI had everything I needed
Bm EBut nothing ever made me
C#m F#mWhat I longed to be
Bm The wealth, the name
C#m F#mThe lights, the fame
Bm EWere everything to me
verse 2: ------------------
D And then one night Out of the blue
AI heard His name (Jesus)
D AAnd so I took that step of faith
F#mAnd walked into His domain
Bm EI believe that's what He wants
C#m F#mEvery heart to do
Bm C#m When hard may seem the task
F#m Bm EOne step is all He asks of you
C C7Letting go to know the truth
F GIs not so hard to do
C C7It's the heart that's got the will
F GTo open up for Him to fill
C C7And trusting and believing Him
Em AmIs all we've got to do
F EmIt's just the heart that's got to move
Bm Em AmFor Him to show His love that's been there
Am7 DmEven when we never cared
Em Am - DmTake hold of His hand
G F (F-G)Let go and you'll understand
verse 3: ------------------
DWhy be afraid
AFor God knows what you're feeling
D ABut even He can't do a thing
F#m If He sees the heart's not willing
Bm EAnd so we ask what's going on
C#m F#mWe want what's right and still do wrong
Bm C#m When hard may seem the task
F#m Bm EOne step is all He asks of you
Bm C#mI guess by now you'd realize
F#mYou can't be on your own
And all your cares And all your burdens Should be cast upon His throne
G Letting go, just let go, letting go
Let go and you'll understand Just let go and you'll understand note: this is just a rough submission of this beautiful song...anyone who wants to improve it just do so...thanks... More lyrics:
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