Gary Valenciano – Wait Forever tab

Intro: Cmaj-C/G-Dmin-F (2x then break)

Solo Piano Part

Cmaj                C/G
 Standing on a great divide
Am                    F
 I feel the sudden need to fly
Cmaj                C/G
 Underneath the open sky
Am                  F
And the river down below

Cmaj                     C/G      
 I could keep on running now
Am                        F
 I could keep on cheating death and yet somehow
Cmaj            C/G
 It all ends up the same
Am                               F
 I dont want to be the one who's blamed

Dm                                         C/Em
 Because you see that i don't really have a choice at all.
F                              Bb
 If only for a taste of flight, I'd gladly take the fall.

     Cmaj C/G    Am
So I say  I love you
I dont wanna wait forever
     Cmaj   C/G    Am
Just to say I need you
Doesn't even have to matter
If it really matters anything to you.

(Do stanza Chords)
And I'd gladly take this ride
Just as long as you are there on the other side
Not making sense at all
Of making sense of it all

(Do Refrain Chords)
So while I can I'll take chance I'm diving in
If you need me I will die, or feel alive again

     D9   D/C#   Em
So I say  I love you
I dont wanna wait forever
     D9     D/C#   Em
Just to say I need you
Doesn't even have to matter

      D9    D/C#   Em    G
When I say  I love you.. yeah

Bm          A            G
I'm falling like I never done so before
Bm         A                    G-C/Em-Asus-A
I'm flying against the wind and here I go

(Chorus Voice with palmuted guitar)

Tabbed By: Charlemagne R. Navarro
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