Gary Valenciano - Fool Till The End tab

Intro: C – Dm/C – F – G –  

A9-AM7               Bm7/A      E7sus   E7    A9-AM7            
      Before you go away to the one you do belong
                     Bm7/A            E7sus  E7   F#m7         
So glad we met and you stayed, for it wasn’t very long
       F#7sus F#7    B7sus-B7      Bm7          E7
Was it only   just a dream?   It’s over now, it seems.

A9-AM7                     Bm7/A           E7sus    E7         A9-AM7
      If there were no goodbyes, would you say that you still cared?
                   Bm7/A       E7sus   E7       F#m7 
I won’t believe my eyes when I see you won’t be there
            F#7sus    F#7     B7sus-B7                    Bm7-E7
‘Cause this love’s so hard to find, now you’re leaving me behind.
Oh please

C9        G/C                      Dm7            G  
  Show me, and tell me, how do you put this love aside?
       Dm7              G                   C9                  C
Put it away for another time, with no guarantee that you’ll be mine?
  Dm7          G             G/F     Em7        E7/G#   AM7
A fool I am it seems, ‘cause I’ll be loving you in my   dreams
       FM7            C/E      Dm7            AM7
‘til I wake up, and I find out time ain’t our friend
              Dm7         F/G           C
You know I’ll just stay a fool ‘til the end.
                    Dm7       Em7               E7sus      E7
(‘Til the end, I’ll be a fool, ‘til I find it’s me and you…)

If it only was a game, why’d you have to fool my heart?
Oh, girl, ain’t it a shame that we promised from the start
That our love was here to stay for each and every day

If I had only known, if I didn’t have to care
Then being all alone wouldn’t be so hard to bear
This love’s so hard to find, and now we’re leaving it behind
Oh please  (Ref)

  Em7         F         E7/G#            AM7
I may be over-acting, I know I must stay strong
        FM7                    C/E                 Dm7          F/G                                    
But you pulled the strings too hard, and now we’re going on our own … 

(Ref, except last line)

              Dm7         F/G            AM7 – Am7/G -      FM7 – C/E 
You know I’ll just stay a fool  ‘til the end,      ‘til the end,
              Dm7         F/G            C
You know I’ll just stay a fool  ‘til the end.
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