Gasoline Heart - Never Been Worse tab

Couldn't find this on the internet anywhere so I figured it out to the best of my 
ability. this is my first tab, be gentle. The chord shapes are Am, C, Fmaj9 and G.

the beginning is just an Am, this is the rest after that. Just listen and feel around 
for the right picking pattern.

Have fun and let me know if it needs changes


Am Fmaj9 C GE|---------x----------------|B|--1------1------1------1--|G|--2------0----------------|D|--2------3------2---------|A|----------------3------2--|E|---------x------x------3--|
Am Fmaj9 C GE|--------------------------------------------------|B|--------1-----------1-----------1-----------0--1--|G|-----------0-----0--------------------------------|D|-----2--------3--------0-----2-----0--------------|A|--0-----------------------3--------------2--------|E|--------------------------------------3-----------|
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