Gateway Worship - Real chords

Artist: Gateway Worship
Album: Wake Up The World
Song: Real


D, A, E, B Verse:
D A E Saved by grace we found in You,
B Dwe love to tell our story
A E How You made our lives brand new,
B D A Efollowing You only, we are walking in Your truth,
B D A E Bliving for Your glory, now we resonate with You
D A/C# E F#mWe will stand as one for the King of the world
D A/C# DLet salvation come, salvation come
A Real love has changed us,
Dreal hope invade us
F#mYou illuminate us
DWe've got a world to change, they gotta hear His Name
AReal life is freedom,
Dso now with freedom we will run
F#m We will be a witness,
Dreal love, real life we'll illuminate
Repeat Intro and Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus (x2) Bridge:
A BmI'm not ashamed, I'm not afraid,
F#m D (A)real love, real life we'll illuminate
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