Gateway Worship – New Doxology chords

New Doxology
Intro: G

Verse 1
G Praise God from whom all blessings flow
GPraise Him all creatures here below
GPraise Him above, ye heavenly hosts
G D GPraise Father, Son and Ho-ly Ghost
Verse 2
GLet earth and heavenly saints proclaim
GThe power and might of His great name
GLet us exalt on bended know
G D GPraise God, the Holy Tri – ni - ty
C G/B Am7 DPraise God, praise God, praise God, who saved my soul
G/B C G/B Am7 Dsus D GPraise God, praise God, praise God from Whom all bless - ings flow
Verse 3
GPraise to the King, His throne transcends
GHis crown and Kingdom never end
GNow and throughout eternity
G D GI’ll praise the One who died for me
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