Gathering - My Electricity tab

Chord Definition:

|---0------0-----0-----0-----0-----0-------------------------||---0------0-----0-----0-----0-----0-------------------------||---2------5-----9-----0-----8-----7-------------------------||---2------5-----9-----3-----8-----7-------------------------||---0------3-----7-----3-----6-----5-------------------------||---X------X-----X-----1-----X-----X-------------------------|   Asus2  C7M    E5   Fsus2 D#13- Dsus2
Intro (Strumming): Asus2       C7M         Asus2         C7M  (repeat) -Verse- (Strumming):        I send your name up into the sky, Asus2       C7M           Asus2      C7M        And the wind blows it back into my face Asus2       C7M           Asus2          C7M -Chorus- (Strumming): You see, even nature reacts on me C7M             E5               C7M And all my electricity will make it across your sea                 E5                    C7M Yeah E5 With every wave the sea makes Asus2 C7M My body gets weaker C7M and weaker.... and weaker.. -Chorus- -Bridge- (Strumming) Yeah Em      D#13-  Dsus2     C And provides you with my love  Fm My love,              Ooh,      Asus2                 Fm My Love,              With my love      Asus2                      Fm      Asus2     D#13-  Dsus2     C -Outro-
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