Gavin Degraw - In Love With A Girl chords

		 In Love With A Girl (Acoustic) - Gavin Degraw

Tuning: Standard - EBGDAe

Abm B C# D# Ee|-4-| e|-2-| e|-4-| e|-6-| e|-7-|B|-4-| B|-4-| B|-6-| B|-8-| B|-9-|G|-4-| G|-4-| G|-6-| G|-8-| G|-9-|D|-6-| D|-4-| D|-6-| D|-8-| D|-9-|A|-6-| A|-2-| A|-4-| A|-6-| A|-7-|E|---| E|---| E|---| E|---| E|---|
This is an acoustic version of In Love With A Girl. It's quite easy to play if you don't have problems barring the chords. On chorus you should play [ B] like this :
since its easier to swap between [ E] and [ B]-------------------------------------------------
Abm B C# So many people gonna say that they want you
Abm B C# To try to get you thinking they really care
Abm B C# But there's nothing like the warmth of the one
B C# D# C# Who has put in the time and you know he's gonna be there
Abm B C# Back your border when she knows someone crossed it
Abm B C# Don't let nobody put you down who you're with
Abm B C# Take the pain of protecting your name
B C# D# From the crutch to the cane to the highwire
E BI'm in love with a girl who knows me better
D# AbmFell for the woman just when I met her
E BTook my sweet time when I was bitter
D# AbmSomeone understands
E BCause she knows how to treat a fella right
D# AbmGive me that feeling every night
E BWants to make love when I wanna fight
D# AbmNow someone understand me
E B D# AbmI'm in love with a girl... I'm in love with
E B D# AbmI'm in love with a girl... I'm in love with
Out the many broken back doors and windows Through the valley of the love of the lost Is a hole that is cut to the soles Falling down from the thrones Without needing any windows But you found inner peace for the moment The moment was over in time Then it's gone The hit and run The victor's fun has a short life [Chorus]
E D#Wanna tell you what you do to make you
Abm C#Practice what you preach
E D# Abm C#Now I know there's nothing we can't reach
ECause a heart can't erase
D#Once it finds a place
Abm C#To be warm and welcome
E D#To be held in shelter
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