Gavin Degraw – Indian Summer chords

Intro, how i like to play it.

x x(lr) x x x x x x|e|--5-----------5--------------5-|-5-----------5-----------------|h|---5----------5--------------5-|--5----------5------------7----|g|----7-----5---7---(7p-5)-----5-|---7-----5--(7)---(7p-5)-------|d|-----7--7-----7---------7----7-|----7--7-----7-----------------|a|------5----5--5-----------5--5-|-----5-----5-5----------5------|e|-------------------------------|-------------------------------|
D is dsus 2, c is csus2, B is bsus2, dsus2 x57755 csus2 x35533 G x20033 A 577655 Verse:
DSummer is lost now
DThe frost is closing in
CTo the cold gospel dollar
G DThe poor man walks in sin
I can't get no entrance
D CThe doors all in rows
I pray into the distance
GLet me out these heavy clothes
I beg
C G A Indian summer I need some return
G BSo hard to get warm where
C D CIt's so easy to get burned
G ADown on the pavement the laws are learned
G BIt's so hard to get warm where
C DIt's so easy to get burned
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