Gazette – Nausea And Shudder tab

hey.this is wilber and my friend marvin here to say that we decided that because we are
good at playing the guitar that we are going to make some tabs for one of the best bands
japan,"tHE GazZEttE".cause we are tiered of seeing dumbass people that know how to play 
gazette songs on youtube not showing us how to play it.

for right now im gonna half to give u a very simple tabed part of a song called
"NaUseA aND sHUdDeR".but if u be patient u will get more from me and
"BUrIaL APpLiCanT", "HyeNa", "FilTH IN thE BeAUtY", and other of there learn 
tab welll.

Aoi's part

the tuning is B,F#,B,E,G#,C#

C#|----------------6-4-3-1--------------------|G#|-8b--------8b------------8b----------------|E |-----5---3-------------------5--3-5--------|B |--------------------------------------10/13|F#|-------------------------------------------|B |-------------------------------------------|
thats only a little part that me and marvin found in"NaUseA aND sHUdDeR".but its a good thing to show off to people that dont know how to play.learn it well and expect good from us.
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