Gbh - Self Destruct tab

Song:Self Destruct
Tabbed By:Oppressor

Intro: 1st parte----------- ------------------|b----------- ------------------|g---4x4x4--- ---4--------------|d---4x4x4--- ---4-555-777-55---|a---2x2x2--- ---2-555-777-55---|e----------- -----333-555-33---|
2nd part 3rd parte------------------ ----------------------------------------|b------------------ ----------------------------------------|g---7-444-222-44--- ---7-444-222-44-------------------------|d---7-444-222-44--- ---7-444-222-44---555555555-444444444---|a---5-222-000-22--- ---5-222-000-22---555555555-444444444---|e------------------ ------------------333333333-222222222---|
Ending Chord:e-------|b-------|g---4---|d---4---|a---2---|e-------|
Song Structure: Intro: 1st part: 8x 2nd part: 3x 3rd part: 1x 1st part: 8x 2nd part: 3x 3rd part: 1x Solo: 1st part: 8x 2nd part: 3x 3rd part: 1x some weird picking like intro 1st part: 4x 2nd part: 3x 3rd part: 1x 2nd part: 3x 3rd part: 1x Ending chord: 1x The intro on this song is very weird just scratch the chord whith rhythm and it will good. Also to make this song sound good it would be better if you played it in a band since solo would sound weird just you playing it without the drums or bass backing you up.Im 100% sure this song is accurate. Any questions comments email me at
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