Gelbison - I Dont Wanna Die Here With You tab

Australian alternative artist, featured at SxSw - this song is off second release 'See 
World' [2004]

VERSE       "well ive seen you here in my dreams..."
F		        Dmin


Gmin (barre)		Dmin		Amin

"something is wrong it is your conscience...."
F#min		Dmin		Amin    ]x2

2nd electric guitar plays this over last bit

e---------5-------------5---------------------|B--6--7------7----5--6------6---5-------5-----| ]G-----------------------------------5-----5---| ] x2D---------------------------------------------| ]A---------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------|
PRECHORUS "everything i said to you..." Gmin Dmin Amin C Bb CHORUS "i dont wanna die here with you...." F Dmin Amin Gmin Dmin C F \Amin Dmin/ [note these last two chords are swapped around] Gmin Dmin C
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