Gene Clark – Sleep Will Return tab

Sleep Will Return

A  D  A  D

D                          E                     F#m
You don't do much sleepin' when you toss and you turn
                  D           E                     A 
So the next time I see her is when the sleep will return

D			         E                        F#m
So we moved down to Austin cause the crops had been burned
                     D           E         F#m
The drought had just taught us a lesson to learn
              D           E           F#m
I took out my guitar as a means to survive
               D		       E          A
With my sole intention to keep our love alive

But the working in night spots wouldn't cover the rent
I wrote my first hit song the day that she left


Now those golden records they cover my walls
But my house is empty though everyone calls
Cause you see that without her there is a void in my life
Though I have the world now I still miss my wife

Chorus +:
A            D     A            D 
Sleep will return, Sleep will return (repeat and fade)

by: José Duarte
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