Gene Clark – Somewhere After Midnight tab

Somewhere After Midnight

Intro/riff: Ge|------------------------------------------------|B|------------0-0---------------------------------|G|------0---------2-0-2-0---0---------------------|D|--0-2---0-2-------------2-----------------------|
G Somewhere after midnight, somewhere before noon C G I looked out on the horizon and I saw the risin' moon I heard a train whistle blowin' in the back of my brain Said they thought the clouds were coverin', and they expected rain Chorus: F C G F C G It's been a long time comin', it's been a long time carrying on F C G F C G If we don’t get ourselves together we're gonna be a long time gone I am not a warrior,I am not a pacifist I'm firmly planted in middle America, just trying to do my best But when an international storm,Threatens my home or family There's nothin' in this life that will stop me, from defending my liberty Chorus by: José Duarte
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