Gene Clark – Washington Square tab

Washington Square
Counting Crows
Tabbed by Kalvin Clauer
Standard tuning
Capo 2

A few tweeks to the previous tab: mostly the change from D to D with a low add 6 note
the 2nd fret on the a string to get this all important B note into the chord). This chord
the Bm. Also the Am sounds a bit off and I find that Am7 sounds better. I am working on 
out the fingerpicking style and hope to put out an updated version before long.
out SixStringsStrumming on youtube for a possible video.


D – Dadd6- Am7 - G
D - C - G - D

D              Dadd6
I sold my piano
                   Am7         G
It couldn’t come with me
               D                 Dadd6
I locked up my bedroom
                                          C    G
and I walked out into the air
                              D        Dadd6
When nothing I needed
              Am7          G
is left there behind me
                        D       C
I walk out through the shadows
   G                   D
Of Washington Square

                 D      Dadd6              Am7         G
Now I wander the highway from Dublin to Berkeley
                 D            Dadd6                      C       G
and I heard the songbirds of Valley Paurine
               D          Dadd6
I loved like a fountain
                     Am7      G
and it left me with nothing
                                 D       C       G          D
just the memories of walking through Washington Square

                     D      Dadd6
Now I live in the shadows
               Am7         G
where light is electric
             D               Dadd6
and time is a number
                C      G
that rests on a wall
             D        Dadd6
Nobody knows me
                  Am7      G
my friends and my family
                      D    C
are as far from this city
   G           D
as Washington Square

Harmonica solo:D - Bm - Am - GD - Bm - Am - GD - Bm - Am - GD - C - G - D
D Dadd6 So cover this warm night Am7 G in a blanket of starlight D Dadd6 And I'll follow this freeway C G out into the air D Dadd6 in case you should wonder Am7 G and wanted to find me D C G D I’m traveling homeward to Washington Square D C(hold) D I’m traveling homeward to Washington Square D - Dadd6 - Am7 - G D - Dadd6 - Am7 - G D - Am7 - G - D Washington Square Washington Square
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