Gene Clark - I Need To Fly tab

I Need To Fly
I never really learned to say goodbye
I think that I deserve another try
                     C              D
Just like the lonely bird up in the sky
          G   C  G 
I need to fly

          D                     G 
I lift my head but I don't look back
  D                                        G
Inside I feel like the steel on a railroad track
You're all I need
You're all I lack
    C                                 D
Without you all my dreams are painted black


When will I learn, what I can't change
When will I recognize that cloudy skies mean rain
And though you're gone
The love remains
And in my heart I know that I'm to blame

Instrumental chorus

You're all I need...

Chorus +
          G  C D          G  C D           G  C D
I need to fly,  I need to fly,  I need to fly

by: Josť Duarte
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