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Gene Pitney – Somethings Got A Hold Of My Heart tab

Something's Got a Hold of My Heart sung by

Am                           G
Something's got a hold of my heart,

           F           E      Am
Keeping my soul and my senses apart.

Something's gotten into my life,

            F              E             Am
Cutting its way through my dreams like a knife,

G          F       E           Am
Turning me up, and turning me down,

G         F         E          Am
Making me smile and making me frown.

Am                  G                        C
In a world that was small, I once lived in a time

         F            E           Am
that was peace and no troubles at all.

                     G                 Am
But then you came my way and a feeling unknown

         G              D           G
shook my heart, made me want you to stay,

D         G           D        F      E
All of my nights and all of my days.

Am                           G
Something's got a hold of my hand,

            F          E        Am
Dragging my soul to a beautiful land.

Yeah, something has invaded my night,

            F            E         Am
Painting my sleep with a colour so bright,

G            F          E           Am
Changing the gray, and changing the blue,

G            F      E           A   
Scarlet for me, and scarlet for you.

I got to know if this is the real thing,

I got to know what's making my heart sing, whoaaa, yeahhh.

E7                                           E
You smile and I am lost for a lifetime, each minute spent 
with you is the right time. Every hour, every day, you

touch me and my mind goes astrayyyy, yeah, baby, baby!

        Am                           G
Chorus: Something's got a hold of my hand........

Another great 60's hit from Kraziekhat!
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