Gene Pitney - I Cant Make It Without You tab

I Can’t Make It Without You

All day long I feel like crying
Don’t know what I’m living for
Living ain’t just satisfying   
E                    A7
You don’t love me anymore

Yesterday a smile was easy
Now I weep the all day through
You’re no longer here to please me
E                           A7
You’re in love with someone new
    A       /B  /C#    
And what can I do

D                   G
I can’t make it without you, baby
D                   G
I can’t make it without your precious love
D                   G
I can’t make it without you, baby
   D			   A7
Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no

All the things that brought me pleasure
Bring me down and leave me cold
Now there’s nothing that I treasure
I don’t have your love to hold

What is there to hope and dream for
If I can not hope you care
Where’s the beauty in the sunset
If I look and you’re not there
It just isn’t fair

Chorus (repeat)

End w\ la la las over verses chords

by: José Duarte
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