Gene Pitney - Teardrop By Teardrop tab

Teardrop by Teardrop

D           G/D
Teardrop by teardrop,
A/D                D
I will put out the flame
Teardrop by teardrop,
A/D           D
Not one spark will remain

D                  A
You left me with a broken heart
D                 G
When you said goodbye
D                  A
And I know thereís gonna be
D                   G A
A lot of tears Iíll cry
Though Iím still burning with desire
I found a way to fight the fire


G         A                  F#m      G
And if my plans donít follow through uuu
     D           G/D
Then teardrop by teardrop
A			      D
I have cried away my love for you
            C                     D
Teardrop by teardrop, Teardrop by teardrop...

by: Josť Duarte
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