Gene Pitney – Gene Are You There tab

Gene, Are You There

A                     Bm
We walk the streets together 
    E                  A
And through the city’s square
She reaches out to touch me
          E             A 
And says “Gene, are you there?”

A                    Bm 
She smiles when I am near her
        E                 A 
And she feels the love we share
She searches for my hand with hers
          E             A
And says “Gene, are you there?”

A                        D
But she’s never seen the moonlights
       E              A
Or the sunsets in the west
And she’s never seen the dawning of the spring
    A             E
And maybe for the best
        A             E                A 
But she needs me, she needs me and I’m there

She shows her love like a woman can
And I know she really cares
But her eyes don’t follow me around
She says “Gene, are you there?”

We walk the beach in the summer sun
And I am always near
Then I reach out and touch here hand
Saying “Honey I’m here.”


by: José Duarte
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