Gene Pitney - Its Not That I Dont Love You tab

Itís Not That I Don't Love You

Intro: C  F  C

Sometimes a man must be alone
F                         C
He needs to get himself together
And though I leave you on your on
F                          G
When I return Iíll make it better

C             F                G 
Itís not that I donít love you anymore
C             F              G
Itís not that I donít really care
D#            G#               Bb
You know that I still need you like before
And Iíll always be there
Am                               G
Baby, baby, baby, Iíll always be there

No matter where I choose to go
The thought of you will never leave
Youíre in my heart, youíre in my soul
And Iíll come back to you, believe me cause

Chorus (3X) 

by: Josť Duarte
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