Gene Pitney - Baton Rouge Or Frisco tab

Baton Rouge Or Frisco

G 		Em           C		 G         
Baton Rouge or Frisco, itís always the same
		Em        C		    G         
Baton Rouge or Frisco, I canít forget her name

       Gm           F                 Gm   F
In the dead of night in my way out of town
       Gm            F 		D
And by morning light I was covered in ground
      C               G          D           G
Every part of her was gone I was just moving on
       Em              Am       D 	
Till I read next day Marie (??) found
And it was much to late to turn around


Just a passing love that was all I could give
Be she understood the way I live
All I wanted from Marie was a sweet memory
When her lips reached out and touched the man in me
And now that memory wonít let me be                   


by: Josť Duarte
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