Gene Pitney - Im Gonna Be Strong chords version 1

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I m Gonna Be Strong chords
Gene Pitney (Mann / Weil) *

F Fsus4  2x

F C I can see, you're slipping away from me
F Bb GmAnd you're so afraid, I'll plead with you to stay
Am Bb C F Gm CBut I'm gonna be strong, and let you go your way
F COur love is gone, there's no sense in holding on
F Bb GmCause your pity now, would be to much to bear
Am Bb C FSo I'm gonna be strong, and pretend I don't care
C Bb CI'm gonna be strong, and stand as tall as I am
C BbYes, I'm gonna be strong, and let you run along,
G# Gand take it like a man
F BbWhen you say it's the end, I'll just hand you a line
F BbI'll smile and say, don't you worry I'm fine .
F C F Bb CAnd you'll never know, darling after you kiss me goodbye;
Bb C F G# Bb Fhow I'll break down and cry
* Alternate: Capo III F = D C = A Bb = G Gm = Em Am = F#m G = E G# = Dm Set8
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