Gene – Haunted By You tab

Haunted By You

Em                 Bm  D     Em             Bm   D      Em
I cross the road,    and I  hide, just to avoid the times 

           Bm  D         Em    Bm       D        Em
When you stood at my side,   so battered by the tide

A wreck exposed at my door my eyes they cannot lie

So get up from my floor for you, you've had your time

     Bm                    C
Your chance has gone, you're not so strong

     Cm                 G C   Bm    D
Your words they cannot harm   me now.

Am                 C                 G
But with all the things that I've said

            D         Am                C         G
I'm still haunted by you     in every town, every place

You're waiting

Am    C               G         F           Am
On my tongue, lies disgrace still haunted by you

         C             D
Yes you, you're in my way.
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