Generationals - Nobody Could Change Your Mind chords

The Generationals
Con Law

"Nobody could change your mind"

EWhen you wear your black sunglasses
Bm7 A Nobody could change your mind
EYou are up for the snitch of the century
Bm7 ANobody could change your mind
EI never bought the connection
Bm7 AThe connection is made, couldn't you say?
EBut we could all see it coming along
Bm7 ANobody could change your mind
E Bm7 A EE:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B:-----------12----12------------12----12-7---------12----12-----------12----12----|G:-9-9h11s13----13----9--9h11s13----13------9h11s13----13----9-9h11s13----13----9--|D:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E Bm7 AE:----------------------s12-10-9s7---s12-10-9s7------------------------------------|B:---------12----12----------------7-----------------------12----12----------------|G:-9h11s13----13----9---------------------------9--9h11s13----13----9--------------|D:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E Bm7 A E Bm7 A
EI have to wonder what you say to yourself
Bm7 AI have to wonder what you're saying to me
EI sat up in my bed when they called me up and said
Bm7 A They saw you walking down on Boulevard Saint-Denis (and you were)
EMaking a face, you were stabbing at the sidewalk
Bm7 AYou got somebody to give you the time
EBut we could all see it coming along
Bm7 ANobody could change your mind
There was a message from your sister and Christina to me Nobody could change your mind They said you really don't need those glasses to see Nobody could change your mind And that you never will admit when your decisions are wrong Nobody could change your mind But we could all see it coming along Nobody could change your mind You should see if you can remember any numbers at all Nobody could change your mind Before the haze sets in and there's no one to call Nobody could change your mind And you've been keeping up appearances for ever so long Nobody could change your mind But we could all see it coming along Nobody could change your mind
Bass parts: E Bm7 AE:-----------------------------------|B:-----------------------------------|G:-----------------------------------|D:-----------------------------------|A:-9----9---9---9--------------------|E:----9-------9----9--0-9--7--0-7----|
Bass parts in the end: E Bm7 AE:-----------------------------|B:-----------------------------|G:-----------------------------|D:--------------9---9--7---7---|A:-9-9-9-9-9-9----9------7-----|E:-----------------------------|variation:
E Bm7 AE:-----------------------------|B:-----------------------------|G:-----------------------------|D:---------------9------7------|A:-9-9-9-9-9-9-----9-9----7-7--|E:-----------------------------|
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