Generationals – Our Time 2 Shine chords

C, Em, Dm, F x2

 (verse 1)
C Em Dm, FIs that your girl, she tries so very hard.
C Em Dm FWhen it gets late at night, does she not wonder where you are?
Dm CAnd in the future, they'll be cars that fly,
Em Dm and I'll bet that she has found another guy,
Emand she will look at you.
C, Em, Dm, F x 4 (bridge)
C Em Dm, FIs that your girl, she laughs just like the rest.
C Em Dm FShe dresses nice at night, she's got those jewels across her chest.
C Em And she will make you sorry,
Dm Fthis time of night you'll see that she's already
C Em Dm Ffound another you.
(chorus 2)
Dm C You got the message drivin' late at night,
Em Dmit's gettin' dark but you can still make out the line,
F"You'll be back soon."
C, Em, Dm, F x 4 (solo) (repeat verse 1)
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