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Genesis – Turn It On Again tab

Turn It On Again
No Idea what album, not a huge fan, but I've got the greatest hits CD and this is an 
song. When the riff kicks in in the intro...
Hell yeah!

This tab isn't whole, but I get hacked off with all the guitar pro tabs because I don't 
Guitar Pro. Anyway...


The bass note is a B (fret 2 on the A string).E|--------------------|B|----9-----10--------|G|----------9---------|D|----11----7---------|A|--------------------|E|--------------------|
E|------------------------------------------|B|-0-2-0-/4--4--2----3-5-3-/7--7--5--3-5-3--|G|-1-2-1-/4--4--3----4-6-4-/8--8--6--4-5-4--|D|-2-2-2-/4--4--4----5-7-5-/9--9--7--5-7-5--|A|-2----------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------|This riff plays on through the verse until 'I can show you, etc'
Bridge 'I can show you...'E|-----------------------------------------------------|B|-7---7---7-5--7---7---7-5--7---7---7-9--3----2--3--5-|G|-8---8---8-6--8---8---8-6--7---7---7-9--4----2--4--6-|D|-9---9---9-7--9---9---9-7--7---7---7-9--5----2--5--7-|A|-----------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------|And so on.
I gotta go, but I have a tab for Doctor Doctor, by UFO. Not that it's in any way but it hasn't been rated, and I swear to god it's perfect. Of course, I don't really mind. I But it'd be nice to get a good one. It's the fourth tab for that song, by the way. Cheers.
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