Genesis - Throwing It All Away tab

THROWING IT ALL AWAY Standard tuning e]-----------------------------------| B]---6-h7-6--------------------------| G]---------8-6-8-----6-8-------------| X3 D]---------------6-8-----------------| A]-----------------------------------| E]-----------------------------------|
e]-----------------------------------| B]---6-h7-6---7-9--------------------| G]----------8------------------------| Play this once after first tab has D]-----------------------------------| been played three times. A]-----------------------------------| E]-----------------------------------|
And that is basically it,this is repeated throughout the song on both the studio and versions,you can play about with the odd infill. Please note that on the part when hammering on from 6 to 7 its a quick re- lease and let 6 ring again. Hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think.
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